super mario earphones block design

Here’s a bunch of earphones that is sure to bring back memories of the classic Super Mario video game. These earphones work just like typical earphones and come decorated with Super Mario himself and other items from the game.

super mario earphones mario design

super mario earphones mushroom design

The earpiece on the earphones come with different images depending on the set chosen. There are three versions available, Super Mario, mushroom design, and the block design which features the square blocks found in the classic video game.

Each version also comes with a unique earphone cord clip with a Super Mario design as well, one of them which shows Mario climbing and another displaying the question mark block. Definitely one set of earphones that will be suitable not only for day-to-day but also as a cute 8-bit themed accessory for a portable media player, smartphone or portable gaming console.

The Super Mario themed earphones comes in three designs, Mario version, Mushroom version, and Block version and retails for $21.50 each from Amazon.