Retro meets retro here with Super Mario power-up symbols immortalized in even more retro and super-bouncy powerballs!

super mario galaxy powerballs

I remember using mechanical vending machines that churn out items like powerballs and plastic capsules containing toys quite often back in the days as a kid. Not that they don’t exist anymore, but they are now much more colourful and futuristic looking. These vending machines are commonly known as ‘Capsule Stations’ or ‘gashapons’ in Japan.

gashapon capsule station 
Capsule Stations: image via foxxyz’s flickr

I wonder if these powerballs can be easily found in any of those capsule stations though. However if you don’t have the time to hunt for them, they are sold for US$3.99 each from a random selection of eight designs over at ThinkGeek.