retro-style vibrating alarm clock

Having problems waking up in the morning even with a loud alarm clock? The solution is not to get an even louder alarm clock that will wake up the entire neighborhood but to get one of these vibrating alarm clock by Thanko Japan.

retro-style vibrating alarm clock functions

This retro-style alarm clock has three modes of operation that will maximize the efficiency of waking you up, namely: audible alarm only mode, vibration only mode and alarm plus vibration mode. Surely the full-on mode will be preferred choice for those who need an extra jolt to wake up from a deep sleep. For the vibration mode to work, simply place the vibrating pad under the pillow.

The vibration only mode is also a useful feature that will not disturb the sleep of a partner sharing the same bed. An interesting and creative design for a household gadget with such a long history.

The retro-style vibrating alarm clock is available from Thanko JP at 4980 yen.