retro tv remote plush pillow

A TV junkie’s best friend has to be the remote. Here’s one remote that doesn’t actually work as a TV remote control at all, but will let you use it as a nice pillow while you watch TV.

The TV remote pillow comes in the style of a retro TV remote, with buttons that control teletext and even a button for the VCR, the long obsolete analog video that gave way to the DVDs and Blu-rays of today’s digital content. It is large enough to give you something to hug whenever that’s something heartwarming or sad showing, and also something comfy where you can rest on.

You can try to press the buttons but they won’t work on any real TV, but somewhere in the imaginary world of retro televisions there might be one that will hopefully respond to it.

A cool and interesting gift for someone who loves to watch TV.

The retro TV remote plush pillow retails for $24 from Fredflare.