reusable diamond-shaped ice cubes 1

Want to feel like a million dollars when you take a drink out of your cup? Here’s a bunch of ice-cubes that’ll make one think you’re drinking out of a cup filled with diamonds.

reusable diamond-shaped ice cubes 2

These plastic ice-cubes shaped like diamond are reusable cubes that can be frozen and put into beverages to chill them down for drinking. Unlike ice-cubes made of water, these ones do not melt and will not dilute your drink and turn it into a tasteless cup of liquid. Best of all, they are shaped in the form of luxurious diamonds. Who doesn’t like diamonds anyway?

The reusable diamond ice cubes can be cleaned with warm water before putting it in the freezer ready to chill your next drink. A useful set of ice cubes that is suitable not only for everyday use but also great for parties as well.

The reusable diamond-shaped ice cubes come in a pack of 10 in various colors and retails for $3.95 from Amazon.