rilakkuma korilakkuma earphone cord winder clip 1

Earphone cords can be quite a hassle sometimes, especially when they magically tangle up without fail after being placed even for a short while in a pocket or bag. Here’s one earphone cord winder that not only helps to keep that earphone cord tangle free, but also comes with a clip as well.

rilakkuma korilakkuma earphone cord winder clip 2

rilakkuma-korilakkuma-earphone-cord-winder-clip 3

This earphone cord winder is made to look like Korilakkuma from the Rilakkuma family. It comes in a small circular shape with a recess in between that lets you wind the earphone cord around the circumference of its face. In addition, it also comes with a clip at the back, so you can clip it in place while in storage, or even use it for shortening the earphone cord and keeping it in place by the side of your pocket for listening to music on the go.

A cute and handy earphone cord winder for Korilakkuma lovers.

The Rilakkuma Korilakkuma earphone cord winder clip retails for $6.20 from Amazon.