rilakkuma squishy raspberry cake cellphone charm 1

Cellphones charms are a great way to customize and make a cellphone look a little cuter. Here’s one cellphone charm that not only makes a mobile phone look cuter but may also make you feel hungrier every time you take a look at it.

rilakkuma squishy raspberry cake cellphone charm 2

This is a mobile phone accessory made to look like a dessert, a small raspberry cake. Right on top of the raspberry cake, sits the popular character Rilakkuma. Though it isn’t edible, it sure does look very tasty, with all that cake, frosting and raspberry topping on it.

The cellphone charm comes with a strap at the top so you can strap it along a mobile phone. Besides using it for a phone, it can also be used as an accessory for a bag or for a keychain. Since it is made with a soft and elastic material, it makes it suitable for giving it a squeeze now and then just for something to play in your hands.

A very cute and tasty-looking cellphone charm as a gift for those with a sweet tooth and especially for Rilakkuma fans.

The Rilakkuma squishy raspberry cake cellphone charm retails for $5.13 from Amazon.