rise and hang weekender bag shelf 1

Here’s one bag that isn’t made to be chucked at a corner after checking into to a room during a vacation. It has the ability to transform into a mini shelf that makes it unnecessary to unpack your stuff for use during your stay away from home.

rise and hang weekender bag shelf 2

rise and hang weekender bag shelf 3

The rise and hang weekender bag comes with compartments lined up on top of one another, connected by two hooks at the top of either side. When the bag is unzipped, simply pull the hooks up and hang it at a suitable spot in any room to turn it into a shelf immediately.

With this hanging shelving bag. It makes packing less of a chore during your stay in the hotel room. All you need for preparation is to arrange the clothes neatly on each shelf and then stack it within the bag. When you have arrived at your destination, unzip the bag, hang it up and you’re ready to step out to play.

A clever and ultra-convenient travel bag that will be perfect for frequent travellers.

The Rise and Hang weekender bag retails for $149 from Rise & Hang.