irock ipad charging rocking chair 1

Here’s one rocking chair that will surely catch the eyes of many, a rocking chair that you not only can relax on, but will also make use of that rocking motion for charging your iPad or iPhone.

irock ipad charging rocking chair 2

Made of Swedish pine wood, the iRock is simply a rocking chair fitted with a system of generators gizmos that will capture the kinetic energy from rocking motion of the rocking chair into an electrical charge for charging up portable devices like the iPad or iPhone.

irock ipad charging rocking chair 4

A serious session of about 60 minutes of rocking, as the makers have mentioned will be able to charge an iPad by about 35%. A battery built into the iRock rocking chair meanwhile allows power to be stored for later use if no gadgets are connected to the chair.

irock ipad charging rocking chair 3

A nice addition, of course is the stand built on the right armrest, which will dock and keep the iPad in place for hands-free usage at a comfortable distance. Yet another cool addition is a set of speakers built directly into the headrest, for a nearer sounding experience compared to listening from the iPad’s speakers from the front.

A cool design for an upgraded form of a rocking chair, chair that is made for the digital generation.

The iRock rocking chair is currently still in development and is currently tagged at a price of $1300 from iRockNow.