roll-a-coaster drink coaster puzzle maze game

The job of a coaster for putting your drinks on is to protect your furniture from water ring stains and heat created by the bottom of a cup or mug coming in contact with the surface of a table. Apart from this, there is pretty much nothing else to it.

Here’s one interesting looking coaster that doesn’t only protect your furniture, but also helps you to kill some free time. The coaster has a maze built into it. Within the maze is a steel ball bearing that moves about the maze. It can be moved about by by tilting the coaster in different directions. It isn’t really a hard game, but it will still be useful for killing some boredom if you have nothing else in your hands.

An interesting-looking yet unique combo that integrates a puzzle game with a coaster.

The Roll-A-Coasters come in a set of 4 and retails for $7.81 from Amazon.