roller notes sticky notes roller

Sometimes one can never have enough of sticky notes. There are also times when you want to go on a sticky not rampage and start labeling or sticking memos on everything. Fortunately you don’t need to carry stacks of sticky notes for that, you’ll only need sticky notes on a roller.

Roller Notes is basically a roll of sticky notes. They are not cut into four sided stacks, but into a long roll with one side for writing and one side for sticking. All you need to do is roll the it across an object or a board, cut or tear it off, then write your message on it.

The good thing about having sticky notes on a roller is that the sticky note can be made as long as you want it to be, to fit messages of any length, or simply just to attract a little more attention to get the message across. Either way, you’ll be getting a little bit of fun in the process since it feels like you’re painting your message instead of simply sticking them like you do with a stack of sticky notes.

An interesting twist to the common sticky note that makes it customizable with a touch of fun.

The Roller Notes sticky note roller retail for $8.99 from Perpetual Kid.