rollie egg master vertical grill

Here’s one egg fryer that is not shaped like a pan, but made in the form of a cylinder. Also, the cooked egg that comes out of it will definitely give you a different feeling when it comes to eating eggs for breakfast since they come out in the shape of a roll.

This vertical egg grill is basically an egg fryer that turns raw eggs into cooked eggs ready for eating. On the inside of the grill is the rounded heating plate that comes into contact with the egg to cook them.

What is needed is to switch on the egg master grill, give it a spray of cooking oil on the inside and crack an egg or two into it. When it is cooked, the grill will slowly push the egg vertically out where it can then be flipped over for sliding onto a plate or directly on a slice of bread for eating.

Since it is electrically-powered, cooking eggs will no longer mean being confined to the stovetop. Wherever you have one of this around and a couple of eggs with you, together with electricity to power it, you’ll be assured that you’ll be able to produce a freshly cooked and warm egg roll for a snack or meal.

A useful and convenient portable egg griller perfect for making breakfast easily and hassle-free.

The Rollie egg master vertical grill retails for $30.55 from Amazon.