Here’s a salad bowl that doesn’t look like a bowl at all, but a rowboat. It is not meant for rowing in a river or lake, but is actually made to contain tasty salad for eating.

This is a salad bowl that has cleverly taken its exact shape from a rowboat. Called the ‘Row Boat Salad Bowl’, this is a salad preparation and serving bowl that is worthy of holding salad for a meal.

Together with this rowboat, there’s a pair of salad tossers that are made exactly to look like oars. Comparing this bowl to a generic salad bowl and utensil set, this interestingly designed one will give your dining partners a fresh look and possibly a nice surprise.

An cool-looking salad bowl that is functional, decorative, and can also be a nice gift for someone who loves boating.

The row boat salad bowl retails for $65 from Uncommon Goods.