rubik's cube tote bag 1

Here’s one Rubik’s cube that does not need you to rack your brains to solve it, because it can’t be solved in the first place.

rubik's cube tote bag 2

rubik's cube tote bag 3

This is a tote bag that is made to look like a Rubik’s cube on the outside, just that it does not come with movable squares to be solved. On the inside, it is just like a bag, where it can be used for carrying and storing stuff like gadgets and cosmetic products.

Since it comes in the shape of a cube, stuff that is stored inside will not get easily crushed. In addition, it will be able to sit perfectly on a flat surface and not roll about.

A geeky yet cool-looking bag that is suitable for day to day use.

The Rubik’s cube style tote bag retails for $9.09 from Amazon.