Just days after the release of Google’s Chrome browser, the portable version has been released. The portable app version of Chrome takes up just 11 megabytes of space and can be run right from any USB thumb drive, no installation needed.

google chrome portable

Data settings and cookies from the portable version of Chrome will also be saved in the same folder where it ran, therefore you won’t lose any info jumping from computer to computer.

This is particularly useful for using shared computers as you won’t save information in the hard disk of the computer you are surfing on. You can also go into incognito mode aka ‘stealth mode’ where the browser does not send any surfing information from the host computer to websites.

Definitely a very good portable application to leave in your USB thumb drive. It doesn’t take up too much space and the best part is that the browser makes use of the comprehensive security features the Chrome development team has implemented in the package.

Download Portable Google Chrome here (11.3MB)