A typical monitor’s vga/dvi connector goes to your graphics card. Not this one. The Samsung SyncMaster 19-inch monitor connects to your PC via USB. Samsung has also said that you no longer need drivers for the monitors and up to 6 of them can be managed when connected to the PC. Just visualise placing 6 of them side by side. Sure, enjoy a panoramic view or multitask like never before.

Samsung cx940ux USB Monitor

Its rather ingenious to hook up a monitor via USB. Although you lose a port by connecting the monitor, you get two back as there are two ports built into the monitor. Then again its pretty hard to reach the daisy chain limit of 127 peripherals though. With the transfer rates of USB hitting the 4.8Gbps mark in the next generation USB 3.0 connection set to release in 2008, the USB will prove to be another great connectivity option again.