samsung-transparent-amoled-laptop 1

If this is true, Samsung’s 14” laptop with a transparent AMOLED display will definitely make waves in the notebook market when it gets turned into an actual product within 12 months.

samsung-transparent-amoled-laptop 2

The transparent screen looks definitely high tech, and brings us even closer to movie-style computing devices. Imagine augmented reality applications that can be applied with the introduction of such transparent screens, taking the experience of personal computing to an all-new high.

samsung-transparent-amoled-laptop 3

Samsung plans to dominate the market with their revolutionary transparent screens, and is considering coming up with navigation products that can even serve as HUDs for car windscreens.


Now that’s some really cool stuff. If they can eventually make them small enough, everyone in the future can have their very own HUD overlay on a pair of shades or glasses.