Akihabara News has reported that Samsung is ready to launch its new line of PCs called Magic Black Design in 2008. 6 new models are available which are the MZ70, MV70, MZ68, MX15, NZ67 and NZ65.

Magic Black Design 1

Magic Black Design 2

The new line of Samsung’s ‘Black Magic Design’ PCs was displayed in Korea recently. From the pictures we can see that the designers picked a cool glossy neon theme for this line of desktops. As for the internal hardware, there is no information on the actual hardware bundled on the systems yet but Samsung assures that they will be competitive to market specs.

The blue button that can be found on every machine is known as the EZ-BLU button and what it does is that when its activated the system will scan for problems such as slowdowns, errors and other system performance related issues and then it connects to a server to look for a fix. Wow, a PC that actually does its own diagnosis and troubleshooting!

The price tag at launch is estimated to be 1.3 million Korean Won, which is roughly $2,117 Singapore dollars. Sounds pretty steep but when the final specs are out it will tell us whether the setup actually justifies for the price, although SlashGear has said that the desktops will more or less be sold only in Korea.

Sources: Akihabara News & SlashGear