sanwa glowing usb cable with light show 1

While most USB cables are merely dull, single-colored cables meant to serve their purpose mainly to charge and sync USB gadgets like smartphones and media players, here’s one USB cable that is does a good job of standing out from the crowd by also glowing in the dark in addition to its basic purpose.

sanwa glowing usb cable with light show 2

sanwa glowing usb cable with light show 3

The Sanwa DWA065WL is one USB cable that is capable of charging and data transfers between PC and gadgets. Besides that, it also comes with a futuristic look by giving off a light show while it is in use and connected from the PC to the gadget.

The light show comes as a series of little blue glowing streaks that run across the length of the cable, producing a visualization effect that makes it look like data and power is actually flowing from the computer and right into the gadget.

Watch the video of the Sanwa glowing USB cable in action below:



A pretty cool idea for a USB sync and charging cable, which will surely be a perfect match for a sophisticated USB gadget like a high-end smartphone connected on the other end. The Sanwa glowing smartphone USB cable retails for 1,980 yen from Sanwa Japan.