Usually having your knuckles cracked in a heated discussion helps punctuate your argument, but performing this seemingly cool action does totally no good for those knuckles of yours after years of abuse. Here’s a Japanese gadget that will simulate those threatening sounds of cracking knuckles anytime and anywhere giving the real ones much needed rest.

yubi-poki knuckle cracking sound key chain 1

The Yubi-Poki knuckle cracker gadget lets you generate knuckle cracking sounds continuously, and eventually you’ll be able to appreciate it in old age where you never have to live with painful joints from too much knuckle-cracking.yubi-poki knuckle cracking sound key chain 2

These come in three different colors red, white and black and generate a unique cracking sound for each color.

The Yubi-Poki knuckle cracking sound key chains go for 500 yen each at Strapya World.


"Yubipoki" Knuckle Cracking Sound Key Chain