soft foam lego style toy building blocks 1

Many of us who have grown up with Lego building bricks will have more or less remembered the feeling of stepping on one or more of those hard plastic building blocks. A painful and unpleasant indeed. Here’s a set of colorful building blocks that are not only larger in size, but are also made of soft foam-like material, so no matter how one steps on them, there will never be any painful feet.

soft foam lego style toy building blocks 2

soft foam lego style toy building blocks 3

The soft building blocks are made with a flexible and rubbery finish, the soft bricks can be attached and ‘click’ to the other pieces just like usual. Also pretty safe, since they are pretty large in size and can’t be swallowed easily by a child.

Product Features

  • Perfectly sized blocks for little hands
  • Ideal for fine motor skill development
  • Soft and flexible
  • Set of 52 blocks
  • Bright primary colors and assorted shapes

A set of safe toy building blocks that will let kids say goodbye to the painful feeling of stepping on small toy plastic toy bricks.

The Edushape soft and flexible toy building blocks retail for $59.16 from Amazon.