scented macaroon coin purse 1

How many times have you wished for a tasty and sweet-smelling macaroon to appear right in front of you just so you can eat it? Here’s one macaroon that you can’t eat, but will always be around when you need it, a macaroon-shaped coin purse.

scented macaroon coin purse 2

scented macaroon coin purse 3

These set of giant macaroons are actually a coin purses that can’t be eaten but will be able to store spare change. Unlike their edible counterparts, they don’t come with a creamy center, but do come with a variety of scents that will hopefully remind you to get hold of some real macaroons to enjoy while you’re out in town.

A cute and tasty-looking coin purse that will be perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

The scented macaroon coin purse comes in 6 colors, orange, white, pink, brown, green, yellow and retails for $14 from Fredflare.