scissortape scissor and tape combo gadget 1

When it comes to wrapping gifts, scissors and tape are the two items that are needed the most. Therefore it is pretty much a no-brainer for these two stationery items to be turned into a single object.

scissortape scissor and tape combo gadget 2

scissortape scissor and tape combo gadget 3

Here’s that nifty gadget that packs both a pair of scissors and a tape holder in one. While the scissors are used for cutting stuff like ribbons and wrapping paper, the tape on the holder can be used for securing the wrapping paper around the gifts. Since they are both together in a single item, there is no need to put one down to pick up another, and it’ll be so much easier to find one object rather than two in a large pile of stuff during a busy gift wrapping session for the holiday season.

One piece of clever gadgetry that will make package and gift wrapping just that bit more convenient.

The scissortape combo gadget retails for $9.99 from Amazon.