backpack kick scooter transformer 1

Ever find yourself going around the city but running late? Here’s a nice little backpack that lets you speed up and have a little fun if you’re tired of walking around all the time.

backpack kick scooter transformer 2

backpack kick scooter transformer 3

The backpack scooter, as its name implies is a kick scooter and backpack made into a single item. It is both a backpack and a kick scooter, where in its usual form, it is a backpack that can be carried around like usual.

However when a little speed is desired, one can remove it from his back and put it on the ground. That’s when the magic happens. Unfold the hinges of the kick scooter and you get a backpack that transform instantly into a convenient and quick transportation vehicle that can get you around quicker than walking.

Upon reaching your destination such as indoors or transferring into a bus or train, simply fold it back up and you get a normal backpack again.

A cool and useful backpack, that despite the extra weight will offer an alternative to walking and lets one move from place to place in a quick way.

The Backpack Scooter retails for $95.98 from Amazon.