scrabble 2-in-1 message board 1

Love to play word games? Then you’ll be no stranger to the Scrabble board game. Here’s one scrabble game that doesn’t require all players to be present at the same time, and is meant to be played passively throughout the day or even week.

scrabble 2-in-1 message board 2

This is the Scrabble 2-in-1 message board, where a scrabble board is hung in a prominent place like the wall of a living room or kitchen. Just like the usual scrabble game, players each have a set of tiles to form words with existing tiles on the playing board and a bag to get fresh tiles from.

The game proceeds just as normal, except the game only progress when the player whose turn is up makes a move at any time during the day. Each player has a magnetic rack for holding the tiles on, where each can be identified by writing the players name on the back with a dry-erase marker.

At the side of the magnetic playing board, there is a dry-erase board for keeping score and also for leaving memos and notes to each other.

A fun yet useful game and memo board combo suitable for homes and offices.

The Scrabble 2-in-1 message board retails for $29.99 from Amazon.