scrabble coffee mug 1

Here’s a scrabble mug that will get your brain up and running in the morning. A mug that comes in the look of a scrabble board right on it.

scrabble coffee mug 2

Not only does it help by containing your favorite morning beverage such as coffee for you, by focusing on the alphabets you can try to form a various words in your mind which will surely get the gears in your brain started for the day.

The ceramic mug will be able to hold both hot and cold liquids and right at the inner-side bottom of the mug comes with a nice surprise, and that’s the most coveted square on the scrabble board – the ‘triple word score’ square which is visible only when the mug is empty.

A cool mug from the famous word game that will be a nice gift for fans of the Scrabble board game.

The scrabble mug retails for $11.50 from Vat 19.