scrabble style letter pillows 1

Here’s a bunch of pillows that are made to look like the tiles from the popular word game Scrabble. On each pillow is a letter and the corresponding points allocated to the letter just like that from the game.

scrabble style letter pillows 2

Instead of using the tiles for playing, these letter pillows are supposed to be used like plush cushions where you can rest on them either on the couch or on the bed. Pick a bunch of your favorite letters and form a word or abbreviation using the cushions to as a fun décor for the living room.

Though you can’t really play a word game unless you really get a huge number of them, they will still act as soft pillows for resting and relaxing.

A cool idea for a pillow inspired from the popular word game.

The scrabble-style letter pillows retail for $25 from The Spoon Sisters.