coca cola bottle money stash

Here’s one cool way to store some emergency money or to keep them off other people by storing them in this money bank disguised as a coca-cola bottle.

This simple contraption comes with two halves that make up the secret money bank. It looks just like a coca-cola bottle on the outside but can store stuff like money and jewelry on the inside. A rather simple idea, but it’s definitely one of the oldest trick in the book to hide valuables in common everyday items.

It does look simple enough to fashion one yourself by cutting a used plastic soda bottle in half and painting the inside of the bottle black. If you live with soda-loving mates though, it’ll probably provide them with a small financial bonus if they happen to pick it up only to stumble upon an unexpected hidden compartment stuffed with money inside. The coca-cola bottle money stash is available for $15.98 at PrankPlace.