secret stash surge protector 1

Having secret stashes around the house can be useful at times, especially when you want to keep some emergency money handy or as a form of protection against burglaries.

This secret stash disguised as a surge protection extension outlet looks just like a common surge protector, but instead of providing electricity it’s actually a secret stash that allows you to hide valuables or emergency money within.

secret stash surge protector 2

Though electrical appliances can be plugged into the surge protector as usual, they won’t work as the external appearance of the surge protector is just a faux. To enhance the disguise, two AA batteries can be used to power up the LED indicators belonging to the on/off switch.

Now that’s one interesting design for hiding valuables within the house. Just make sure it doesn’t get accidently loaned to a friend or neighbor. The diversion-safe surge protector retails for $29.99 on Amazon.