Remember the tamagotchi craze that started back in 1997 or so? I do, and was guilty of owning a couple. Eventually the craze had to end but now Segatoys has launched yet another trend for cute robotic pets. Meet the Dreamchick.

Segatoys Dreamchick 1
Segatoys Dreamchick 2

The Segatoys Dreamchick is a robotic 3-day old chick that is responsive to touch. The appealing features of the toy are its life-like actions and responses that emulate a real chick.

The chick will react according to how you interact with it. Hold it and it will flap its wings, pet it on the head and it will give a happy cheep. Ignore it and the cheeps will turn from happy to sad.

Great if you love chicks but hate the clean-up or when the babies turn to adults and die eventually. These pets never grow old and will always be cute and fun to play with.

The cute robotic pets are currently being sold at Audiocubes’ website and go for US$25.00 (SGD$36.27) each.

Product Page via Inventor Spot