self assembly cardboard radio 1

Here is a neat design for a cardboard transistor radio that comes with cardboard for its casing. This self-assembled cardboard radio functions exactly like a typical radio except that it’s a little more eco-friendly having most of it made out of an easily recyclable material like cardboard.

self assembly cardboard radio 2

Designed by Chris McNicholl, the cardboard radio named Environmentally Sound comes in a flat package and therefore can be easily produced as the responsibility of the final assembly of the radio goes to the user. A neat idea that can be used as an educational products for kids. besides its eco-friendly value.

It looks like this idea can also be adapted to a newer form of personal entertainment in the world of MP3 players too, considering the falling prices of MP3 players these days. Using cardboard not only makes a portable radio like this environmentally friendly, but gives the radio quite a zen-feel as well.

However good a material cardboard is, it still needs to stay away from water for even a sizeable splash of liquid will simply turn it into mosh. This will ultimately limit the portability of the cardboard radio to within dry places and indoors.