npower peg kinetic charger

Here’s one charger that uses kinetic energy as one of the sources to hold an electrical charge. The nPower PEG charger converts kinetic energy in the form of upward and downward shaking motion to generate a charge and holds it in its internal battery for later use.

Watch the video of the nPower PEG in action below:



This form of gadgetry is not really new, but it offers an interesting alternative to kinetic chargers like a hand-crank charger for example. While a hand-crank charger can only be charged on-demand, this charger that makes use of a shaking motion will allow it to charge passively, especially for someone who is constantly in that form of motion like jogging or running.

Kinetic motion chargers still have a limit though, as they are not able to convert a whole lot of energy to charge a smartphone adequately for a day’s use. To put it into perspective, 10 minutes worth of shaking will only give you enough time to make a phone call with only a few seconds of airtime.

In terms of survival, if you happen to find yourself lost in the wilderness, if 10 minutes of energy spent on shaking the nPower PEG for a short phone call will get you out of your predicament quicker instead of using it for gathering firewood and food, then it’s probably worth it.

The nPower PEG charger, besides using motion as a source of charging it’s batteries, can also be charged up using the traditional way of plugging it into a USB adaptor or the USB port of a computer.

One cool alternative USB device charger that will surely be useful for joggers, runners, and people who work with jackhammers and trucks.

The nPower PEG kinetic motion charger retails for $199.95 from nPower, with version II releasing soon.