silicone food pot boiling basket 1

For boiling vegetables, there’s the traditional way and the quick way. Here’s one silicone food pod that lets you boil and cook vegetables the quick and easy way.

silicone food pot boiling basket 2

silicone food pot boiling basket 3

The traditional way is to boil water in the pot, put the vegetables in when the water’s ready. When the vegetables are cooked, you’ll need to fish the vegetables out or use some strength to pour everything in a strainer.

However, with this silicone food pod, what you need to do is to load the vegetables in the food pod and lower it into boiling water. When the vegetables are cooked, lift the entire basket and the excess water gets drained the process. This makes is possible to do without a strainer. As the silicone doesn’t conduct heat, you can simply lift it up using bare hands.

Not only can it be used for boiling vegetables, it can also be used to cook other food like hard-boiled eggs, meat or seafood. The handle also clips to the edge of the pot so you can pick it up easily when cooking is done.

A clever cooking tool that will make cooking just a little more convenient.

The silicone food pod boiling basket retails for $12.99 from Amazon.