silicone potato chip coasters 1

Potato chips are made to be eaten, but not for this pack. This is one pack of potato chips that looks good enough to be eaten but aren’t edible at all. They are in fact coasters for cups to holding warm or chilled drinks.

silicone potato chip coasters 2

The coasters work just like typical coasters that we use to protect our furniture either from the heat emitted by a hot cup of coffee or from the condensation dripping off the side of a glass of cool lemonade. Since they come in a can like some brands of potato chips, you can practically place the set of coasters on a dining or coffee table without having them looking out of place. When the need arises, it’ll be within an arm’s length of reach to retrieve a coaster from within.

Product Specs:

  • Avoid pesky drink-rings with this guilt-free pack of potato chip coasters
  • Stackable; packaged in a cylindrical aluminum can with plastic top
  • Durable and effective for both hot and cold drinks
  • Crinkle-cut for added traction


A unique looking item that will surely provide a nice talking point for those who see it for the first time.

The silicone potato chip coasters retail for $16 for a set of 6 per pack from Urban Outfitters.