over grill smores maker

Love the delicious taste of freshly made s’mores but hate the mess involved while preparing them? This clever cooking tool makes grilling and preparing s’mores over a barbeque grill simple and hassle-free.

Up to six pieces of tasty s’mores can be made at the same time with the s’mores maker. Simply arrange and place the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate, lock ‘em up in their respective spots in the cage and set it over a barbeque fire or inside toaster over and the s’mores packed with sweet melted marshmallows and chocolate will be ready to eat in minutes.

The simple design and see-through design lets one make perfect desserts during a barbeque party as it allows one to know exactly when the s’mores are ready so they can be removed from the heat source for consumption.

The universal design of this cooking gadget looks like it can extend to other uses, like for making mini grilled cheese sandwiches on camping trips too. The s’mores maker is available for $9.72 on Amazon.