simple wall plate usb charger 1

For charging USB gadgets of an AC power socket, there is always a USB power adaptor involved. If there isn’t a power strip with multiple sockets available, this usually means the USB AC adaptor will take up one precious wall socket which could otherwise be used to power up other electrical appliances.

simple wall plate usb charger 2

simple wall plate usb charger 3

Here’s one simple design for a wall plate attachment that not only comes with a single USB charging port but two. In addition, it also comes with an free AC mains socket right on top of it. This allows the wall plate USB charger to piggyback on the main electrical socket while returning a free socket back for other purposes.

As the wall plate USB charger comes with a plug at the back, all you need to do is to plug it into your existing wall socket and that’s it. No changing of electrical wall plates is needed at all.

Product Features:

  • Easily converts any dual standard outlet into two USB charging outlets and single standard outlet
  • Add USB charging to every room in your home or office
  • Allows access to the other standard power outlet via pass through
  • 2 USB outlets
  • Great for charging smartphones, gaming devices, laptops/notebooks, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and much more

The wall plate USB charger retails for $19.99 from RCA.