sliced eat sticky notes 1

Here’s a set of sticky notes that will make mouths drool – sticky notes that come in the look of tasty food.

sliced eat sticky notes 2

sliced eat sticky notes 3

This is a series of sticky notes that are made to look like sliced food. The sticky notes come in a stack, just like the pre-sliced delicacies that go into a sandwich or gourmet sub.

The different types include sausages, salami, ham, cheese and the large sandwich version. Just like their food counterparts, the salami, ham, and cheese notes each need to come in a flat slice before use. However with these sticky notes since they already come prepared, you’ll be able to peel them off not to eat them but for writing memos and notes on.

A bunch of tasty-looking sticky notes perfect for food lovers.

The sliced eats sticky notes come in various designs and retail between $25-28 from DesignBoom shop.