slide to unlock car magnet 1

Unlocking a touchscreen based smartphone today is just a simple act of sliding a finger across the screen, unlike on non-touchscreen phone models where people have to press a series of buttons in order to unlock the keypad. Here’s one cool way to unlock the door of any car in the coolest way ever by adding this ‘slide to unlock’ magnet right on the car door.

slide to unlock car magnet 2

Ok, we’ll stop trying to insult your intelligence now. So this is actually just a giant magnet with a ‘slide to unlock’ image just like an iPhone, but will not turn a car door into a touch sensitive door. Though it seems kinda fun to put on a car just for laughs as you drive along and watch the stares of pedestrians and fellow motorists.

The ‘slide to unlock’ car magnet measures 17"x3.5" and will adhere to metallic surface of car doors and also on normal doors if they happen to be made of metal as well.

Just remember to remove the magnet when you have your car parked elsewhere in case a passerby decides to remove it right from your car door and make it their own. Available at Urban Outfitters for $6 a piece.