This is one device for women that doesn’t look anything like a sex object but certainly does the job. The ‘Slightest Touch Device’ is a sexual stimulator that brings the user close to orgasm, without the need for direct contact with genitals.

Slightest Touch orgasm device

The user needs to consume an electrolyte sports drink prior to attaching electrode pads to the ankles, transmitting a signal that stimulates specific nerves and turning her on within 10-30 minutes.

The stimulation brings the subject to a pre-orgasmic stage where she can choose to continue on for as long as she likes, which can be followed by gentle stimulation via direct contact to induce climax. The product is said to provide a better and more intense orgasms, and has sold more than 4,000 units since.

This is one product that should never find its way in the possession of a woman. Pure evil!

via BBC News

Slightest Touch video on Youtube: