slim accent solar light on stairs

Installing good garden lights is one of the many ways to beautify a garden and porch of your home. There are many types of garden lights available but the most practical types currently are the ones that are maintenance free such as solar garden lights. Maintenance free solar garden lights that run on rechargeable batteries are getting more and more popular nowadays as the cost of solar cells has been decreasing over the years.

slim accent solar light in garden

Not only do solar garden lights like these slim accent solar lights look cool as if they are mini lightsabers left lying around by a wandering Jedi, they do help to improve home safety by lighting up the porch and garden if there is a need to walk around at night.

The best part is that these solar garden lights are completely wireless and hassle-free, as they each contain a built-in rechargeable battery that charges up completely in 2 hours of direct sunlight via its solar cells. A full charge according to the manufacturer is sufficient to last through an entire night; meaning you can practically stick them somewhere that needs illumination at night and then just forget about it. Available at a set of 4 for $54, earthtechproducts.