smartphone-hugging silicone flexible holder hanger 1

Here’s one smarphone holder that probably loves your mobile phone more than you do, just because every time it’s close to one, it gives it a nice warm hug.

smartphone-hugging silicone flexible holder hanger 2

smartphone-hugging silicone flexible holder hanger 3

The hanging smartphone flexible holder is a holder with flexible arms that is able to keep a smartphone in place within itself. At the top of the holder is a nifty hook where you can hang it on a pair of jeans or together with a bunch of clothes on a rod or railing. Without the need for complicated or sophisticated holders, as long you can find a place to hook it in the car, you’ll be able to keep it in place while driving for accessing apps like maps or listening to music.

The bottom of the hanger are the holder’s feet, where the smartphone’s bottom rests on and the arms on the side are made flexible for accommodating smartphones of various sizes. Besides being able to hold gadgets like smartphones, it can also help to hold other accessories like charging cables, earphones or even a pair of sunglasses with all its limbs.

A very useful and clever-looking multipurpose hanger for keeping gadgets and stuff in place.

The silicone smartphone-hugging silicone flexible holder retails for $5.68 from Amazon.