smartphone notebook case 1

There can be times where one needs to take notes while referring to something from a mobile phone. Such instances are becoming increasingly common, especially with our reliance on our smartphones these days. Here’s one notebook that’s meant to integrate the smartphone and note taking in a single notebook.

smartphone notebook case 2

smartphone notebook case 3

This particular notebook called the Smartphone Notebook, currently in its second version by “Nothing Design Group”, is one notebook that comes with a cutout. this allows a smartphone like the iPhone to be placed right in the void of the notebook. It also makes it very convenient as an gadget case for carrying both the notebook and smartphone around.

As for note taking, the smartphone is able to sit inside the notebook without fear of accidently being swept off when pages are turned. Also great for seasoned multi-taskers who can check up on tweets and status updates of their contacts while they work on stuff.

An clever and useful design for a notebook which will surely be a hit for students.