smorgas wooden magnetic board 1

When we talk about memo boards, it’s usually the dry-erase or the ones made of cork. However, here’s one that isn’t a corkboard or a dry-erase board, but one that’s made out of wood.

smorgas wooden magnetic board 2

The Smorgas is a wooden board, but it is made to be magnetized. With different attachments available, the board can be customized to serve a variety of purposes, such as adding a shelf for a smartphone or a holder for stationery. There are also pegs made to work like magnetic dots for holding notes, and also a hook that can be used for hanging keys with.

Unlike a dry-erase board, it will be able to be incorporated into the interior design of a room without looking ugly or out of place.

A beautiful-looking wooden magnetic board suitable for home and office.

The Smorgas wooden magnetic board retails for $75 from iLoveHandles.