snip and sip coffee sachet straw combo

This is a creative design for a coffee sachet that comes with multiple purposes. Besides having a sachet of coffee containing the contents of the coffee mix, it also doubles up as a straw after both ends are snipped and its contents emptied into a cup.

The coffee straw also comes with a flexible section just like a bendy straw for sipping a chilled cup of coffee easily. As for the hidden third purpose, it also acts as a stirrer for mixing up the powdered contents in the water. The design should be more suitable for a cold beverage like iced-coffee and not hot ones as most thermoplastics don’t go well with heat.

The snip and sip coffee sachet straw by designer Youngdo Kim is a pretty smart idea for the packaging of an iced-coffee mix. It does make the coffee straw quite convenient for travel with its compact and multipurpose design and can be adapted to other cold drinks such as iced-tea and iced-chocolate.