christmas boot mobile phone stand 1

When Christmas is approaching, many homes get decorated to usher in festive season. If you already own a mobile phone stand, you’ll probably want switch to one that’ll not only fit the spirit of Christmas but a cute one as well. If you don’t already have one then a Christmas-themed gadget stand will be perfect but will also be the one that you can use every year when Christmas is near.

christmas boot mobile phone stand 2

christmas boot mobile phone stand 3

This soft Christmas boot mobile phone stand decked in festive colors is made of soft plush material and will protect your mobile phone from bumps and scratches by giving it a gentler place to rest on compared to a hard surface like the table. Apart from its functional purpose, it also acts like a cute decoration for the desktop, especially when placed near a miniature tabletop Christmas tree.

The mobile phone stand is suitable for both personal use and also good as a gift to family and friends. What’ll be even better will be a Christmas boot with a brand new mobile phone in it. Well, that’s probably what the recipients of your Christmas presents would have wished for anyway.

The soft Christmas boot mobile phone stand retails for 1,260 Yen on Strapya-World.