soft lego style slippers

There isn’t anyone who ever wants to step on a hard Lego brick, but here’s a pair of ‘Lego bricks’ that you can safely step on and even into. They obviously aren’t real Lego bricks, and don’t function as the toy blocks, but is actually a pair of soft plush slippers.

These is a pair of slippers that can be worn around the house. Unlike the typical boring pair, they come in the bright color and shape similar to the famous toy building block.

Since they look like a giant toy brick, chances are you won’t accidently step on them. Even if you do, all you get is a comfortable squishy feeling, instead of the sharp pain from stepping on a small hard plastic brick. In addition if you accidently do step on a hard plastic toy while wearing the slippers, it will help to negate some of the pain with its softness.

A cute pair of slippers that will be perfect for a Lego fan.

The soft building brick slippers retail for $24.99 from Amazon.