soft tetris block stress toy 1

Tetris is a game that is both fun yet challenging for first timers. There are times where you want to relax yet keep your brain from falling asleep. Playing Tetris is a good way to achieve that. However for times that you totally want to relieve some pent-up stress, this Tetris stress toy will be more useful.

soft tetris block stress toy 2

The Tetris toy block comes in the shape of the common 4-block sized Tetris pieces seen in the game. To relieve some stress, you don’t need to work your brain at all. All you need is to give it a really hard squeeze and try to squeeze it as small as you can. Do it repeatedly for a few times and it’ll help to make some of that stress go away.

A cute-looking and colorful game themed stress toy that is useful for relaxing as well.

The soft Tetris style stress toy block retails for $5.99 from ThinkGeek.