solar hand crank torch radio and mobile charger

This is an all-in-one torch, radio and mobile phone charger device that will never run out of power. The magic is that it runs on stored energy collected from either solar power or kinetic energy. With both a solar panel and hand crank for charging, it can be charged even when the sun is out by using good ol’ elbow grease.

solar hand crank torch radio and mobile charger close-up


When we buy electronic gadgets like this, a few of the main considerations will have to be whether it can last for long periods of time and whether it can be charged easily at any location.

solar hand crank torch radio and mobile charger accessories

Besides coming with a working radio and torch perfectly suited for emergency and camping occasions, the solar torch charger radio also comes with a mobile phone jack that allows for mobile phone charging. Definitely a cool multipurpose gadget for the eco-friendly techie. $23, gadget4all.



  • Mobile charger for various mobile phone
  • 4 bright LEDs Torch
  • After fully charged, the torch can work for 6-8 hours
  • Hand-winding charges for 1 min, it can work over 10 mins
  • Light life: > 10 thousands hours 
  • Charging Handle
  • Radio speaker
  • Mobile Phone Charging Jack
  • Radio Scan and Reset button 
  • Size: 160*52*40mm
  • Weight: 145g