solar butterfly toy 1

Wish you had a butterfly fluttering about near you all the time? Here’s one electronic butterfly that runs on solar power that will flutter about, as long as there’s sunlight. Just like the many perpetual motion desk toys out there, this electronic butterfly keeps the desk and workplace from looking dead and monotonous.

solar butterfly toy 2

solar butterfly toy 3

The butterfly comes attached to the electronic board containing the solar panels via a thin metal wire. A nice toy not only for kids learning about solar power but also for the grown-up ‘kid’ too.

Product Features

  • Solar Butterfly Insect
  • Motor inside powered by the Solar energy
  • Butterfly connected with a Wire
  • Functions: plant pot, garden decoration, etc
  • Solar Panel size: 60 x 60 mm
  • No Battery

The solar electronic butterfly toy sells for $9.90 each at Brando Toys.