large solar fan with emergency lamp 1

Here’s one solar fan that looks like it can offer quite a breeze on a sunny day. Unlike normal solar fans that are pretty small and compact, this one looks pretty big for a solar fan.

large solar fan with emergency lamp 2

large solar fan with emergency lamp 3

This is a solar-powered fan that is also multi-purpose. Besides being able to convert and store solar energy into usable electrical charge for powering the fan blades, it can also be used as a lamp. The fan is attached by the side of the fan and can be flipped vertically in five ways to adjust the angle of lighting according to the need.

For power collection, the fan comes with a large solar panel. As long as there is bright sunlight shining on the solar panel, you’ll be able to store and use solar panel to power the fan to cool yourself down outdoors. Perfect for times when you need to work under the sun outdoors without needing to worry about finding a power source for a fan. If there is enough energy stored in the battery after being charged by solar energy, it can also work at night for using the fan and lamp.

large solar fan with emergency lamp 4

In addition, it also comes with a USB port output that can provide power to charge and power up portable USB devices like smartphones and tablets, making it useful for emergencies.

A cool and useful solar fan that will be perfect for places that receive lots of sunshine every day.

The solar power fan with emergency lamp retails for 17,800 yen from eSupply.